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May 1 2015

Recruitment for Store Operators has started

Our Calendar Club self employed operators run shops and mall units for a period of three to four months each year, from around September through to January.

Calendar Club provides the stock, premises, shop fittings, systems and know how. Store operators then run the shop as their own business employing and managing staff. It couldn't be easier...

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Press Releases

December 31 2014

2014 Calendar Club Bestsellers

​Every year the Calendar Club Top 10 bestseller list reads like a social record of popular culture’s most beloved celebrity, TV, art, dog and football favourites and for 2014, it isn’t just about One Direction and Sir Cliff. 

Throughout 2014, many of the homes of the British and Irish public will be decorated with the works of artist Banksy, Dr Who and 1000's of others...

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Carrier Bag Charges in Wales

For the year ending May 31st 2014, the single use carrier bag charges recorded through our EPOS systems in Wales are:

Number of bags supplied which attracted the charge of 5p each was 18,090
Gross amount received £904.50
Included Vat of £150.75
Net amount received (gross-VAT) £753.75

The net proceeds of the charge £753.75, has been used to offset the cost of implementing this legislation including re-programming Head Office and EPOS systems.