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Your enquiry will be sent to Christie Stapleton in our Buying Department and will be responded to within 48 hours.

Do you have a finalised, printed and finished calendar, game, puzzle or gadget to sell? If not, unfortunately we are unable to help. We are a retailer and require a finished product to sell through our stores.

Please give use some idea of your terms & conditions of sale, including your recommended retail price and margins.

You can attach 2 sample images of your printed calendar, puzzle, game or gadget, but please note we are retailers, not publishers and cannot work with unprinted products or concepts, e.g. photographs for calendars.

Images only. Max file size 2MB

Images only. Max file size 2MB

If you do not wish to email you can contact us using the postal address details or phone number(s) below.

Calendar Club Ltd
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Devon EX2 8FD

Telephone: 01392 826800