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2014 Calendar Club Bestsellers

Published: December 31 2014

​Every year the Calendar Club Top 10 bestseller list reads like a social record of popular culture’s most beloved celebrity, TV, art, dog and football favourites and for 2014, it isn’t just about One Direction and Sir Cliff. 

Throughout 2014, many of the homes of the British and Irish public, will be decorated with the works of artist Banksy, the cast of collaborative Irish/British TV success Mrs Brown’s Boys, the many faces of Dr Who, stills from the gaming monolith that is Minecraft and the faces of adorable Pug Puppies, all of which have busted their way into the Top 10 for the first time ever. Whilst 2014 is providing Calendar Club with a much more diverse bestseller list, the perennial football favourites of Liverpool FC, Manchester United and Arsenal are still in there with Cliff currently sitting just out of the Top 10.

Buying Manager for Calendar Club, Becky Salter said, “One Direction are sitting firmly in top position and won’t be budged this year, but Banksy is in second position coming up from 25th last year. The popularity of Dr Who is easily explained, with it being their 50th anniversary, but we couldn’t have predicted the Pug Puppies keeping the likes of Olly Murs and Robbie Williams out of the Top 10. It is always fun to see who bursts into the list each season.”

Throughout Calendar Club’s 16 year history in the UK & Ireland, the bestseller list has consistently contained indicators of fashionable contemporary individuals, groups and pets. In 2003 Busted was at no. 3 and the Rugby World Cup win saw Jonny Wilkinson at number 7, Johnny Depp’s role as Captain Jack Sparrow saw him take the top position for 2004 and Justin Bieber was number one for 2010. And remember High School Musical? Number one for Christmas 2007. Roughly 4 million calendars are sold through Calendar Club every year. It seems clear that keeping up with the latest trends is just as important to people as remembering key dates and appointments. 

2014 National Calendar Club Top 10

1. One Direction A3 Wall Calendar

2. Banksy Wall Calendar

3. Liverpool FC A3 Wall Calendar

4. Manchester United FC A3 Wall Calendar

5. Mrs Browns Boys Wall Calendar

6. Dr Who 50th Anniversary Special Edition Calendar

7. Memo Board Calendar

8. Minecraft Wall Calendar

9. Pug Puppies Mini Calendar

10. Arsenal FC A3 Wall Calendar