Calendar Club Store Operators

Now Recruiting

Store Operators are self employed and contracted to run our seasonal retail outlets between September and January every year.


Interested in Becoming a Store Operator?

Our online application process will be available from April. You can find further information below that explains more about how we work; there is also a link at the top of this page to FAQ's where you will find the answer to the most common queries.


Self Employed Store Operators

As a long standing high street brand, Calendar Club offers the expertise and resources for Operators to run a successful business. Calendar Club stores trade seven days a week, between September and January each year during the busiest trading period.

Calendar Club provides the stock, premises, shop fittings, uniform, systems and know how. The Store Operators then run the store as their own business, employing and managing staff to drive sales and provide fantastic service to all of our customers. Calendar Club Operators must be able to provide excellent customer service, follow stock control processes and administer their store, whilst adhering to our company procedures.

Our operators are hard working, self motivated individuals who are confident running their own business. We offer full training and support, enabling every Operator to set up, trade and close their branded store at the end of the season. 

We now have an exciting new addition of Halloween stores which trade as 'Halloween on 31st Street'. These stores are pure theatre and as a Halloween Operator you will inspire and motivate your team using costume, makeup and props to bring your store "alive". You will need to interact with customers to provide a totally fun shopping experience, which is unique to the high street.

These stores will trade from September until early if you are confident, fun, outgoing, full of energy and willing to try something new, then this is the store for you!


Store Design

Our stores are designed to turn vacant areas into sensational money makers. Our flexible shops and mall unit configurations can be implemented within 48 hours with the help of our Operators and their teams. Thanks to thoughtful design, fixtures, professional signage and store graphics, our stores have the appeal and credibility of permanent shops.


Our Distributed Systems

Getting the right product at the right price, to customers at just the right time requires a state of the art distribution system. This is just one of the things Calendar Club is relentless in maintaining to ensure we deliver this to the highest possible standard year after year. We review our store stock daily and provide regular replenishment deliveries. We also offer Operators a customer ordering service to really help maximise the sales in their stores, therefore giving them access to sell over 3,500 titles from our warehouse.


Giving Customers What They Want

Calendar Club stores offer "The Best Selection of Calendars in the Known Universe", with something for everyone from our extensive selection of the hottest titles. With an average price point of under £10, our customers appreciate the great quality and value for money of our products - Our calendars and gifts bring enjoyment to people throughout the year.

Our regular customers know and love us. They seek us out in the High Streets and Shopping Centres every year and look forward to seeing where we will pop up next.